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I'm so proud of you Judi! This is awesome. If it helps, which I kow it would help me, I'll be checking in with you every blog entry and thinking positive thoughts for you (and hoping that your sucess will inspire some good in my life too). I would be all in with you, but being four months preggo I'm not sure anything too extreme is a good idea. That said I do have my goals, to gain a minimal amount of weight and to lose it, and more, again quickly after the birth.
I'm looking fwd to seeing how things work for you and hopefully maybe even being of some help to you. xx

Judi!!! YOU ROCK! You may read that entry and think one thing, but let me tell you how STRONG you sound! I totally admire you!

Hey Baby Sister,
I Love You!
I am sooo PROUD of YOU!
I have been making those changes for over a year now and they are hard! Tash gave me a notebook (List Taker I am sending material for yours)
I write in it everyday sort of what I eat, exercise and every other month my weight, breast size, waist, hips, and thighs! I went back two years now that I have been writing stuff down~ even "hey I sat and watched movies" and or "I cried today and did nothing!" But over the past two years taking it slow so the wieght does not come back on quick I have lost 15 pounds! 4 inches from my breast! (Sorry George) 5 inches from my waist and 6 inches off my big behind and 2.5 inches of my thunder thighs! There are days I hate myself and the day and what I need to do but then I look back at my notes and I am proud of mysself! I no longer drink a gallon of chocolate milk a day and I try to exercise everyday now even if it is a 10 minute power walk! So I would love to do a blog but not quite sure how but I will be continuing my changes along side you everyday! Ok my chapter is done I am off to bed since I worked the last 48 hours with 3 hours of sleep! And the GYM is scheduled at 5:45am for an hour and a half before work ~:) Love you me

Judi, I have followed your blog since we did the MILF thingy over at Mom-O-Matic. I so understand how you feel. I get the whole still having somewhat of a shape but have rolls everywhere, I get how you get up in the morning and think about what you want to eat and it's mainly junk. Actually who am I kidding I can about relate on all you have to say. So, anyway I'll be following along with you and I hope to get my butt in gear. I never seem to comment but have followed you with the birth of your daughter and she is beautiful as are the rest of your children. I envy your sewing abilities and you should feel good about alot of things you are doing, you seem to have it going on!! Oh yeah, I do think you are funny too! I have LOL many a times reading your posts. OK enough said!! But one last thing: GOOD LUCK!!!

I've followed your blog, bought fabric from your store and Etsy, and just think you are the cat's pajamas. What a neat person you are, and brave to do this. I'll be praying for your successes, and hangin' in there with you. I too need to set TIME for myself and my hubby as a priority. Thanks for sharing - and blessings to you.

I LOVE you Judi!!! I move next day....I could really stand to listen to you tell that story right now. I started a blog too. You are my inspiration :)

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