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As I was at gym this morning walking on the treadmill watching TOP GUN on the big movie screen they stuck in front of us to think we will walk farther well HELLO it works! I walked with Tom Cruise this morning:) anyway I thought and yes it hurt I thought of myself as Winnie the Pooh stuck in Rabbit's Door! Being I have the biggest butt in my family! I was going to fuss at you as being Eyeore ~ got to be more like Tigger cause I know that is who you are!

You have a lot more good qualities about yourself than what you listed here! I think you are such a strong person! You have a good heart and you care so much for your friends and family! I look up to you & I couldnt ask for a better aunt :)

Judi, I used your tutu tutorial to make a tutu for my daughter for Valentine's Day. She loves it. Then I started perusing your site and came upon this site. Let me just say...I FEEL YA, SISTER! I was thin when I met my husband and have been gaining ever since. I have two kids under four and have a "front butt" over my c-section scar, too. I HATE that thing! I really need to get on board with weight loss. I think I'll be back to read and get some more encouragment.

Keep it up, girl! You're hilarious.

And a side note, I have some family in Jax.

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