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Three Small Changes:
These I started (again) Today:

1* One glass of chocolate Milk

2* 30 minutes in my Sewing Room (NOT CLEANING)

3* Relax

Hi Judi-

One of my changes was the water and I can feel it working. But MAN, I swear I see the bathroom more then my husband. If fact I am doing a dance now. Gotta go :)

Cut out Diet Coke at home (my drug of choice).

Drink more water.

Don't put food in my mouth if it isn't good for me.

Good luck to you and I'll keep checking back. Thanks for doing this I enjoy reading your funniness!!!

1) Drink more water...at least 5 glasses a day

2)Dont eat anything after 7:00pm (I read a long time ago that Oprah did this & supposedly it helped her lose weight)

3) Ok heres the hard one....limit myself to only...gulp....2 Dr Peppers a week....this will be my biggest challenge...I love my crackjuice :)

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