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UMmmm..... I sew. I blog. I do things like that instead of laundry and cleaning. I wish I wouldn't eat everything in sight and would get skinny. It may never happen again. It did once...... for about a week. I used to design primitive doll patterns, I'm Judi from Plumtickled. Yeah, not too famous anymore. I lost my primitive mojo and now look to sewing clothes for my daughter and making quilts. Okay, I rarely finish them but I do cut them out and sew them up. Well, sorta. I do like to cook though and people like it and nobody has died from it yet. I have a near facination with Magnum P.I. Okay, it's a facination. I wear my pajama's until right before my husband gets home and have the house picked up within 10 minutes to make it look like I've been cleaning all day. I don't think he really falls for it but that's okay. The end.



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