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July 17, 2007


Linsey Knerl

Happy Birthday! Aren't birthdays great.. Thanks for the giveaway, and what a great blog!!


Good luck with the points! My scale won't move this week so I'm scared for my weigh in!

Sally K.

You are living my dream - opening a fabric store! How wonderful. I enjoy reading about your plans and living vicariously through you.

Good luck with the WW goals. I know people who have had great luck with that program.


Hey sugar! Happy birthday to you for tommorrow! and congrats on joining WW, I should really get off my big bottom and join properly too. Next week I guess..
Your bag was sent out today so it'll be a belated birthday present.. I'm sorry about that, but at least it'll drag your celebrations out a little, huh?
I wish you the best day in the world tommorrow, hugging those beautiful children of yours tightly and eating some erm... low point cake of some sort? haha. A big birthday hug from me! x


Love the kiddos in the water...little minnow babies! So good you got in there too. I have a swimsuit that makes me look like Charlie Chaplin. It covers me neck to mid-thigh. All I need is the hat, cane, and faux mustache, and I'm a silent screen idol, baby! But I do get on in that pool.

You'll do great on WW. I live by their fudge-cicle bars (which, by the way, Mayfield's is less expensive and costs less. But I think the WW ones look bigger. Just saying. Let me know if you need any food looked up online. I'm too chicken to join the in person group but I cowardly do the online one!)

Only 36?! Why you're just a baby! I'll be 39 in the fall. You are living out your dreams so young...you've got it all ahead of you!! Yay you!!

I must watch Magnum. Yes, I know. Once these blasted swim lessons are over I will settle in with a coke and a smile and watch the mustached god!!


Happy 36th Birthday! Good Luck with WW. I need to join but I just keep putting it off.
How can you stand all that fabric in your house? I would have to make something from each bolt of it. It would drive me nuts until I had cut off of each one.

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