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August 08, 2007



That. Is. GENIUS!! Oh I think I could do that! I will have to try after I get them all settled in school and potty boy is set too. I know Hannah would help me. THANKS for posting this!!

(And good luck getting those high schoolers up and to school!!)


Holy Cow! That is the easiest thing ever! Thanks a bunch... I have a certain princessy neice who would adore this...my little one still doesn't know the diff between girly and not...she plays with trucks and cars, but I think she might need an introduction to the tutu!!!
P.S. the "big girl bed" petrifies me! Good for her and her yummy cupcake!


brilliant! I had no idea the tool went length wise not width wise (does that make sense?) now if I could only find the a use for a tutu at 25 years old. hmmm.

okay it will have to wait for future kids.


thank you for this tutorial- what a gorgeous tutu! you're very generous to share your secret. i know a certain someone (or three) who would love one of these...


ooooohh do you make them in chubby 22 yr old sizes? I'd love to buy one when I get some $$!
(also sorry I haven't been commenting etc much! I've been trying to avoid the net.. you know.. usual story. but on a good note, I'm following points again and have lost two kilos this week! wahoo!) xx


Fantastic! I'm totally doing this for my nieces birthday party!


Just made this for my daughter - she LOVEs it - she is such a ballerina! thanks for sharing this with us!


Brilliant, you saved the day....tahnkyou


oh i just love this! i'm going to make it for my friend because she wants me to sew her a tu tu...and i don't even have to sew this! but is there any way that i could put sequins on it?


I have a niece, Eleri, who has just gotten the ballet bug and this will be a wonderful pressie for her. Thanks so much for the tutorial and instructions. I actually thought it looked really difficult until I read the instructions. Cheers.


Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just made a tutu for my friends daughter and its amazing! Just like the tutu I dreamed of when I was little (perhaps a large order of tulle is in order for large tutu for me...)
I've linked here from my blog, hope you don't mind...
Thanks again!


Don't you just love tutus? I made one like this for my little one for her first birthday last year. She still loves to dress up in it!


This is genius! I made three of these in no time at all and they are beautiful. Thank you so much!


How do you keep the elastic from rolling with each knot. I made one, but my elastic is a twisted mess under my knots. Your's looks so polished and perfect.


Thanks ever so much for posting this tutorial! I just made one for my girl, there are photos on my LJ if you'd like to see. I found the most amazing rainbow tulle, and luckily I bought a couple of extra metres in case of emergency giftage. I didn't find the cutting up too onerous!


Thank you for the pictures, I have made one before seeing this site and the pics would have been very helpful!

Sandra L.

Would you consider making one for a grownup, about size 16-18, in red and black, longer length? If you're interested, please e-mail me. Thanks!!!


I see in the top pic, the little girl has a ribbon on her tutu- did you just sew that on? Can you give any instructions for adding that cuteness factor?

thank you!!


Wow.. this helps ALOT. I wanted a tutu for Otakon. This is PERFECT. Thanks!!!


Hey there. LOVED the tute. A friend sent it to me, and I had to add you to my Reader. You're hilarious!

I would really love to start selling these and have started making them. They're beautiful. How did you manage to get a billion orders?? Any tips for someone starting out?

Thanks for any advice!

Jessica Snell

Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial; I just used it to make a tutu for my daughter. You can see it here:


along with a matching headband I improvised.

Anyway, thanks again, she loves it! :D


this is the most simple tutorial i have come across yet and i love it!
my friend and i just finished making some for ourselves and i cant wait until my boyfriends niece get old enough for me to make her one, thank you so much for posting this!


I made one of these last night. It came out so cute. I posted a picture on my blog and linked to your tutorial.


Love this project! My sister is having a little girl at the end of the month, and I can't wait to make her an Easter tutu!


fabulous! I had a pattern to sew one...what a pain. I'm doing this for my little fancy girl, tomorrow!! Thank you!!

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