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August 08, 2007



Thank you Judi! One little girl who will be sporting some tutu style at dance class sends hugs xxx


Can you do it with a ribbon instead if elastic?


Where can I purchase Tulle at a low cost? I am looking for 6" spools. Most sites are charging $6-$9 for shipping of 1 spool!!! =(

Jasmine King

I just made one for my 4 yr old! Itr was so easy and she loves it! I wish I had known how to do this for my other 2 daughters when they were small.


These are so cute, Ireally want to make them for my 2 year old and my nieces. I hope they turn out right,because I get confused easily haha



Thanks for the help!

Buzz Moody

Does anyone know how to keep the tulle from "bunching up" when your little girl is wearing her tutu?


thanks! I posted a link to the tutorial at autumnliketheseason.blogspot.com

So awesome. thanks.

Annie Von Rott

I just finished making my tutu for my cyberpunk style outfit. So thankful for this tutorial (And a chance to use all the tulle I bought back in April)
I'm part of a cyberpunk troupe and I'll definitely be sharing this tutorial with all my girls!


Wow this is great im really wanting to start making these and selling them. I found your tutorial well doing research on them. I was also wondering how i could add sequins and things like that to them and like another reader how did you get that many orders? I would love some ideas and feedback if you have time. my emails godsangel4e@yahoo.com. Thankyou


Thank you for your instructions! I especially like the part about Magnum PI! Looking forward to my daughter's new tutu.


this is cool im going to make 1


Thak You!!Love this project!I just used it to make a tutu for my baby.
You can see it here: http://rojalka.blogspot.com/2009/08/tutu.html

Gemma Griffiths

The tutorial made me laugh!lol! Brill design and thanks so much for freebie xxxxx

Maria Gonzalez

Wow! that was great I love your tutorial ,this was the easiest thing I will make I always wanted one for my granddaughter Thank you so much God Bless you.!


Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I'm sharing it on my blog tomorrow.


I am a photographer and was looking for an easy way to make these tutus for infants and toddlers! Thank you so much for posting this!

caroline munoz

You are awesome! Your idea is awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

Amanda Douglas

This is exactly what I've been looking for! My plan is to get my girl's pictures taken. Jenna is 9 and Kailyn is 16 months. They will have big fluffy tutus (thanks to you) and feather boa's oooooo soooo adorable! Thanks again!!


How do you keep the Tutu from looking like a rat's nest when worn? Am I doing something wrong?

Moana Kidd

You are insanely brilliant!!

Marvelous stuff, I'm working on an exhibition with a friend called "little girls are made of..." and this will be just perfect.

Thanks so much.


I really like your how to. I was wondering if I could translate it in French and add it to all the how tos as explained in my french article (http://www.petitcitron.com/index.php/form_howto.html)
Of course, your website would be quoted and there would be a link!
Thank you,

Riahna Seccombe

I add ribbon to mine. Just the same as the tule. In between every few peices I use a range of different kinds of ribbon. Very pretty.

Hollie B

Your instructions I found were the BEST. I tried it a different way from a different site and now I have to re-do that one and use the 1 inch elastic. I also found that using my leg was easier than a prop...other than the fact that my leg started to fall asleep so I get what you are saying about the Dr. Pepper ;o) anyways, thank you again, I am off to make my 3rd one (they are so easy to make, I think I might have put one together in a 1/2 hour)

Judi Music

I'm so glad you like the tutorial! Thanks so much!!

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