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August 08, 2007


Danielle Price

So fun!! I'm starting my own little boutique and came across these adorable tutus and decided to add them! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I hope mine turns out as adorable as yours!

Sew It To Me

Love the tutorial and idea so much we featured it today for our Spotlight Sunday. Thanks for sharing your talents! Here is the link: http://sewittome.blogspot.com/2010/03/no-sew-saturday.html

Vanessa & Eva
Sew It To Me Duo


Thanks for the instructions. I just made a green and white one for my daughter to wear for St. Patty's Day. I'm also making one to go with the birthday outfit I made for my younger daughter. Much Appreciated!!!


Thank you for this!! Just got done making an adorable tutu for my niece's 2nd birthday and I can't wait to give it to her:) Here is a picture if you are interested:


I didn't even bother doing a step by step on my blog, just linked everyone straight to you since you did such a fabulous job explaining it!

Jordan 1

Thanks a superb deal! I truly enjoyed reading this.Looking through these posts and also the info you've provided I can appreciate that I still have a lot of things to learn.


Hello Ladies, I haven't made one yet but I am so excited!!! I found a really inexpensive website for the tulle rolls, (it was hard to find and really expensive in my area) thought I would share it for others with the same problem. I can't wait for mine to arrive!!!! http://www.tullesource.com/index.html


I LOVEEEEE this! I have been looking for a simple pattern that I can do for my daughter. I think tutu's are so cute. I am going to try to make a couple of them so she can play dress up. She is too big to buy dress up clothes for any more so this is gonna make her so happy.

Thank You For Sharing This!


Curiosity brought me here; fasination made me stay. I want to thank you for posting this. You are brilliant beyond imagination! And the search for little girls begins! lol(so far I can think of 3 just off the top of my head)

Stephanie Tarver

Thanks. This is easy. Do the knots come untied in time as the child wears the tutu?

Wynn Przybycien

You say it take 2 rolls of tulle but how long is the roll? I have found them in several lengths.


Made one for my daughter for her vampire Halloween costume! It turned out wonderful. Your directions were great!!

cheap jordans

Never leave that until tomorrow, which you can do today.


Fantastic! I have to dress up as something begining with the letter T and im goning to be a Tiger in a Tutu now I dont hav the challenge of finding a black and orange tutu I can make my own yay!!!

Joan l Carlson

Gracias por compartir el patrón para confeccionar el Tutu. Voy hacer el Tutu para el cumpleaños de mis nietecitas.
Thanks very much.


ooh im gonna make one for me to wear at school
:) im 14


This is the second tutu I am making and your directions are sooooo much easier than my first one. Thank you! I am also justifying have 2 tutus at age 24!


These are the best instructions I have ever seen! Great job. I need to make a 3 layered(one to the floor, one med, and one short)tutu for a wedding:)) I have never done it, that way, any suggestions. All my tutus are no sew and I have a feeling I will have to so. Thank YOu


Apparently I can't spell tonight,hahaha These are the best instructions I have ever seen! Great job. I need to make a 3 layered(one to the floor, one med, and one short)tutu for a wedding:)) I have never done it that way, any suggestions. All my tutus are no sew and I have a feeling I will have to sew. Thank You


Hey Plumtickled... My name is Tickledpink ;)

I love this idea and can't wait to make some for the little one I tend. My girls are now in their 20's, bummer right. I really need the to start giving me grand babies so I can dote on them.

Thanks for sharing!


Another option for cutting the tulle is a paper cutter. I used bolts of tulle and cut it to the lenth I wanted(eg: 30") then folded it up and cut the strips with the paper cutter. It made things go much faster than just the scissors!


awesome work. Thanks


I had no idea tutu's were so simple to make! I'm totally trying this!


This was Brilliant!! I love the way you wrote everything out too got a little chuckle out of needing a Cristal ice hehee. Thank you for all the tips I will definitely pick up supplies next time I'm out!!!


I've had your tutorial saved forever! I finally made my first tutu today. Thanks for sharing the how-to.


YAY! I'm making a totally girly one to wear in a race....by the end of the race it will be covered in mud and maybe singed a little....So now you are asking what race has mud and fire? Why, WARRIOR DASH of course!!! 3.01 miles and lots of fun obstacles and the tutu will look great with the viking helmet they give you at the end! :) Thanks for the tutorial!

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