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September 09, 2007



Oh Judi! It's so, so beautiful. I wish more than anything I could come and see it in person!
(I do fear I'd be one of the women to lose bladder control over the moving cat though! hahah).
You're the greatest. I know the shop is going to do really, really well xx


Judi...it is absolutely beautiful! You guys have done an amazing job...the colors, the use of gorgeous old furniture and decorative items, the cozy feel, the beautiful handmade quilts and apron and other goodies all around...so, so perfect!! I know you're going to have customers who pop in just to have a chat and pick up a yard or two at least once a week!! I am so sad you aren't right down the street! But I PROMISE I will plan a road trip b/c I have to see it and meet the amazing JUDI who can do ANYTHING!

Also, I am loving the little cozy nook for Miss Amelia Claire...so precious! I used to go to work often with my dad and he made a special spot for me to play and have fun. It really is something she will remember forever, that you included her and went out of your way to make an enviroment where she is happy and welcome.

I am so, so, so proud of you and excited FOR you!!!


P.S. I am coveting that awesome "birdseed" fabric you posted on your etsy site! I am trying to be good but man that is calling to me! Tweet tweet!


Ok, what the heck are you talking about with the paint? I see nothing wrong! Plus you have a shabby chic vibe going and it wouldn't matter anyway. Oh I wish I could shop there. If you were in my area I would be your best customer!


it looks great! I see no dripping paint what so ever.
The colours on the wall look beautiful with all the fabric and I love the old wooden furniture. The place seems to have a good spirit.

Hope you are able to relax now!



why oh why can't we have a fabric shop like that in MY town? it looks fantastic, judi. i think you're going to have trouble getting women to elave at the end of the day. congratulations.

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