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October 23, 2007



Oh Judi I am proud of you and am so glad you found Metabolism again! Mine has taken an extended vacation but I can tell she's due back soon. You rock the MILF world!!


judi, you're funny.
good work with the metabolism!


You are so freakin'funny. LMAO!!!! I'm so happy for you but am I allowed to also be jealous? I'm ashamed to be part of the Future MILF club because I can't quit being a HOG! On another note I got my package today and wanted to say Thanks so much, I loved everything. I will post about it tom. Thanks again and CONGRATS!


Way to go! That was an awesome loss! I have many friends who have done great on WW because it is so easy. You should be proud of yourself.
This post was a crack up!!! DEFACT had me laughing!


hey there,
congrats and welcome back to your metabolism.


4.6 pounds is the weight of 6 loaves of rye bread? its just a guess

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