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October 16, 2007



YOU AND YOUR HAIR ARE ADORABLE!! Seriously, you had me picturing "Pat" from Saturday Night Live and then you look this cute?? You have nothing to worry about sweetheart.

Have a great day and thanks for hooking me on another great etsy site! Now i have to go look!!

Take care!!


Hey, I love that haircut! No man-with-boobs in sight!

Seriously, very cute!


I have coochy razor rash right this very minute and am so jealous you got that.

LOVE your hair, I think I might bring it to the hair dressers and be your single white female.

Damn you for giving me yet another reason to go to Etsy!!


HA you typed cootchy AND junk in the same sentence. hehehehehe.

Okay adolencent boy moment over now. I agree- your hair looks bloody great. I really like it! So unless it looks 100x worse in real life then you really have nothing to worry about!

Oh dear, weightwatchers.. I've been so terrible lately. Sigh. But yes, back on track, me too!



I sooo forgive you! I understand you had alot going on. I hope things are looking up for you. It really isn't a big deal, but of course I'm excited to get my package and I'll be checking the mail. I know what you mean about the mind running out of gas sometimes!

So glad you and the hubby enjoyed your package.

Your haircut is awesome. Wish I could pull that do off.

Also wanted to let you know to check back at my blog. I now have the pictures posted. I was having some blogger problems!!! Sounds a bit personal, I know!


now I think the hair cut's fine but I know what it's like, no matter what people tell you, you won't like it. I had a similar bad hair cut experience and I'm being honest here. I actually cried over it. on three (four) seperate occasions.

and my closets friends and my husband never even tried the "its not so bad ' tactic and instead went straight to the, 'it will grow back' reassurances. Which pretty much tells all.

oh friend even said 'county singer" oh yes it was that bad.

so I sympathize and I think we have ALL been there. with all that said, I still think your hair looks quite cute!


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