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November 05, 2007



Judi I am laughing so hard there are tears!! That's the funniest post ever!! I hope the scarf continues to bring this much joy. I hated to think of your little neck cold at those football games!!

Glad you got it and I LOVE the photos of you, my kindred spirit in Georgia (Matt would also like to point out that those are Bulldog colors. Yes, thank you Matt. I think Judi knows!!)

You crack me up, woman!

Have a great night!!


ha! as one of meredith's other mysterious bloggie pals.. she's just devine! LOVE HER..your scarf is fansastical & beautiful.. YAY!!


OMG, you are soooo funny! Love the scarf, love your haircut and highlights, and I'm just falling in love with you!!!! The term "butt-front", I can't stop laughing. I have one, and never knew what to call it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still laughing!!! Helllllpppp, the butt-front won't stop jiggling!!! Thanks for continuing to entertain me!


you are down right crazy (that's a compliment:)

glad you like your new scarf!


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