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February 28, 2008



Finally you wrote in your blog! I keep checking!!! I am not a very motivated person, but I do get busy when I am listening to really good music!! Put on your Counting Crows cd ~ it will make you move!!!! That pile will go down faster if your brain is with you counting crows man!!! Good luck!!!


I have no motivation this time of year, and I'm net preggers. Then I feel awful because it is my least busy time and I planned on getting SO MUCH DONE.
What I'm saying is don't feel so bad about it, you are not alone, spring will be here and we will all feel better then.


Ooops I forgot to say I love the fabrics. Thanks so much. That rerun pic is a crack up!


Hang in there sweetie! Thin mints coming your way...putting them in the mail ealry next week!!!


you are so not alone! its the worst this time of year. seemingly loads of time, nothing getting done. my girlfriend used to remind me when i was pregnant, 'your body is working so hard right now, you're climbing mountains everyday'. try to chill your mind out with that:)


JuJu, JuJu,
I miss you! I wish I was there to help you with a hug! Have Amelia go to a playdate, put on the crows so loud the digs will run away! Separate all your piles of laundry and throw a load in- grab some boxes and put all the paper into one - all the kids stuff in another and all the dining room in another everything will be in boxes stacked up in a special spot- finish your order then "ONE DAY AT A TIME" go through one box a day till they are empty and are ready to fill up again. I do that I use laundry baskets! Take a nice walk on a beach close by with your bottle of walmart juice and relax! Or Wait till May 7th and your big sister will help you find your shoes. Love ya


I feel EXACTLY the same way, only mine includes dropping kids off at school, after yelling to all get in the car, rush to work, always arriving 5 minutes late, spend my day trying to keep someone else's life running smooth, go home at lunch to let the dog out, finish work, pick up kids, make dinner, upstairs to change clothes, pray for bedtime, go to bed, and start all over again. We have to try to find the grace in the small moments where we get somewhere on time, hugs from the kiddos, a happy puppy meeting us at the door, and pray for the gosh darn sun to stay out longer than 5 minutes once a month. UGH I need spring & a beach and time with my husband!!! Hang in there, and know that I too want to sew or create something or bake.

Try to tackle the piles in 15 minute increments, take a break for an amount of time after each 15 minute charge. You can do it.
And can anyone possibly explain to me the creature from a foreign planet that deposits paper crap on everyone's dining room table? That happens here in Indiana too. I want to find that creature and string him up from his long pointy green fingernails.
Take a breath, tackle a pile of paper, and have a great day. I missed your posts, but know that the blog is not high on the priority list when there are kids who need attention!!


I love throwing things away. It motivates me for some reason. Makes me feel lighter.


You are so cute...and funny too!
What motivates me? Having a big ass party at my house!
Seriously, the 15 minute thing mentioned in a comment above, it works. And it is so not painful. Hang in there!
Hey we almost named blonde rascal Dutch. It was my husband's great grandfather's name, but we went with Zachary. Cool name, if indeed it is a boy! Are you going to find out?


Its really hard to get motivated this time of year. A nice warm, sunny day is the only thing that will motivate me right now. Until then, its a messy house and dirty kids!

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