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March 21, 2008



Oh my gosh you have to name her Avonlea, that would be so amazing. I have never heard of someone with that name before, and what a way to honour the 100th aniversary of Anne of Green Gables. Just my two cents of course. Congratulations, by the way.


I love the name Avonlea but you should spell it Avonlee after one of your sisters and then her middle name can be lorilynn haha any who I Love her no mater what her name is going to be by the way (dad) said Geraldine!!! Even Dutch is cute! Congratulations!!!!


congrats on another girl :)


You know~if she turns out to be like her cousin Ashley, there may not be dance class, princess parties and other pink things. There could be microscopes, toy skeletons, and various disections!!! ha ha!! I love her already! And I think Avonlea Dutch is cute!!!


Avonlea Dutch is perfect!!!!!!!!!!! What is your favorite Nursery rhyme? Have you seen the Anne of Green Gables. Natasha and read the books and we loved the movies!


oh my gosh judi! i am just now catching up on my last week's blog reads and i am crazy excited for you! having two girls is exquisite! there is the matchy-matchy, there are the resurrected hand-me-downs, and best of all.... there are two of you to ooh and ahh together over such cute baby girl things. amelia is going to love being a sister to a sister..just wait! your last post about you and darren was total sweet overload. its about the thirty-seventh time I have gotten goosebumps and cried over your blog:)



A girl!!

You are so lucky. Congratulations!!!


Beautiful! I love the name Ella. If we ever have another girl it's totally going to be an Ella!

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