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April 15, 2008



Ahhh, the heartburn. I remember that well...too well. Hopefully your doctor gives you your much needed meds!


bugger - missed the fabric sale! Nevermind... Haven't visited for a wee while - so only myself to blame - right?! Anyway - sorry to hear about the heartburn - it is a bummer. I feel a swelling in the throat just thinking about it! I still get queasy whenever the kids watch Dora the Explorer - that was heartburn time when preggers with no. 2!! (Or maybe that show just brings it on - there is only so many d d d d d doras you can stand!) Love your blog and added you to my peeps list - so expect a bit of traffic from the Land Downunder. :)


I can't even tell you the hundreds of antacid tablets I've gone through. I went to a homeopathic dr yesterday who suggested no citrus fruits along with a slew of other things. Alfalfa and Dandelion capsuls with mint herbal tea. I'll let you know how it goes : )


Okay, so I am a dork... but I have the craziest heartburn inferno when I am pregnant. I joke that the kid is playing with matches in there. Nasty Maalox by the gallon. I don't miss it.


Groovy bags :)

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