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September 04, 2008



Thanks for your sweet comments! I have to tell you, of all my completed banners that I put in my custom listings to show my work, yours is the one my clients most often say "I love the Plumtickled design! Can you make me something similar?!" So yay for a great idea turned into a great banner! And I hope you'll post a pic of Avonlea in her tiny tutu when it's done, that sounds too cute!


Oh my I should share this tutu photo with you for certain!!!
please come take a peak at this- you may just have to laugh!
I am really sorry to hear about your shop closing!!! I don't do much online fabric shopping but when I do your shop was always TOP on my list! :(
I will have to check out your sale and talk hubby into a few purchases...okI really am going to have to convince him though!


First off, your daughter's absolutely beautiful. Wish I could smell her fuzzy little head. Her name is almost as beautiful as she is, btw.
Next, you only gave yourself a week-ish maternity leave!? That's crazy. Wait a minute.... I had my fifth child on a Monday, was back carpooling his older siblings by Thursday... uhm, never mind.
Last, I really appreciated your tutu tutorial, particularly the whole "put the elastic over your leg" part (so much easier!) to make a fairy costume for my granddaughter. Here's a photo of it: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3214/2738980495_27803a2b81_b.jpg Or I have a bunch of photos on my blog.

kristine hanson

your tutu tutorial is how I found your blog a few months ago, I made one for my daughter for her 5th birthday, had her pictures taken in it at JCPenney....too cute, I would put a picture in for you!


Oh that's a lovely banner! I'm so in the red from investing in a show that never happened!

Let's hope Christmas is a good one on Etsy so we can all recoup!


Hello My sweet Judi,
I am sorry you are closing your Fabric shop but ~ I really feel God blessed you with two little girls to give you the Beautiful Ideas for a clothing line:) I am very proud of you and more then anything Proud to be your Sister:)


Sad to see your fabric shop go, but I would rather you make the dresses than me! Your new shop banner is just about as cute as your sweet baby! Tough competition!

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