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March 13, 2010


Sew It To Me

I am sooooo sorry. That is really scary. I have quite a few friends that deal with this and it can be a life style change with what you eat and allow in to your house.

My best friend's little girl is allergic to chicken, beef, soy, wheat, bananas and a ton of other things. If she eats that stuff, she get the eczema really bad. Not fun.

I love that you are making cute carrying cases!

Cheri C.

My daughter outgrew her milk allergies, too. Sorry about the other stuff. It's becoming more and more common and thankfully people ARE taking it more seriously. No one in our family has nut allergies and I'll admit, I haven't taken it as seriously as I should when it comes to others. I'd probably say something moronic like the secretary. *sigh* But not anymore thanks to your blog!

Victoria C

Oh Bloss, I'm so sorry to hear this news. The little boy next door to us is allergic to soooo many things and his Mum and Dad go with him on play dates and everything...just in case. They figure one day he will be old enough and responsible enough to take care of himself, but until then no chance is taken. But hey, we all know girls are so much more sensible. And...who won the chilli cook off? Do we get your recipe??? Blessings to you all.


I'm a new reader but I wanted to let you know that I feel your pain. Last year we found out my son was allergic to milk, eggs and dogs. (We had two dogs). It is really really hard for him to adjust but completely manageable. His eczema was caused by his egg allergy.

We have a "recipe" that a nurse suggested to help manage the ezcema that works wonders. Bare with me, it sounds like it wouldn't work but it does. I swear by it.

You mix the regular sized bottle of Johnson & Johnson's pink baby lotion, with regular sized container of Vaseline and a container of Vitamin E creme. Blend in the the blender or mix really good with a spoon.Store in an airtight container. We put it on him at night before bed and within 3 days he was drastically better! We don't even use the steroid cream anymore! Now if he eats something with eggs, he'll get red but never scaly. Good luck!

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